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As an organization representing intellectual property, Dragon Law Company Limited not only full of the legal but also a team of lawyers, representatives of intellectual property at the highest professional to give customer service consulting and service representatives of intellectual property professionals in the:

Patents, industrial designs, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights that the law Việt Nam protection, License, transfer degree, technology transfer, consultancy, brand evaluation, carried out the procedures established rights and resolving disputes, conducting procedures established right and Settlement of disputes violates the rights of property above.

1.Patents, Industrial Designs

Dragon Law Firm advise clients on all matters relating to the establishment, maintenance and protection of property rights for patents, industrial designs, in Vietnam and abroad, including: 
-Text editor, prepare the records, filing and pursuing patent applications, utility solutions, industrial designs;

Make-search, evaluate the ability of protection relating to Patents, utility solutions, industrial designs;

- Consultation of the protection, effective qualification and ability to violate Patents, utility solutions, industrial designs;

- Consultation procedures to maintain the validity of the patents in: Patents, utility solutions, and design;

- Consulting the transfer, license and changes related to Patents, utility solutions, industrial designs;

2. Trademark

Legal counseling to clients on all matters relating to the establishment, maintenance and protection of intellectual property rights for the trademark in Vietnam and abroad, including:

- Search and evaluation capabilities for protection of trademarks, collective trademarks, trademarks confirmation, only geographical

- Advice relating to the selection and use of goods, the label, the brand confirmed, only geographical;

- Preparing the records, filing and pursuing the application until the applicant has regarding the qualification level of protection;

- Consulting the legal recognition of the amendment relating to application for protection;

- Consulting the law and maintain renewal Diploma protection;

- Consulting the legal recognition of the amendment relating to qualification of protection, including: modification name and address of the Diploma;

- Consulting the law acknowledged the transfer, license degree of protection;

- Consultancy and process steps to build and develop a brand name after registration.

3. Copyright, related rights

Legal counseling for customers in and abroad on issues related to protection of copyright and related rights, including:

- Find information related to registered copyrights;

- Providing advice to clients conducting the registration application of copyright and related rights in Vietnam and in the world;

- Legal consulting for clients participating in negotiations and drafting of using files, the transfer of files and other types of contracts related to copyrights and related rights.

4. Complaints and litigation

Initiate measures to enforce rights against violations of intellectual property rights to protect the rights and interests of the owner:

a) Providing advice to clients in disputes and complaints related to the establishment of intellectual property rights, including:

- Complaints decisions decline in levels of protection of objects of intellectual property;

- The application for review xen Diploma level protected objects of intellectual property-related benefit of customers;

- Complaints about the suspension, cancellation effect Diploma protection of objects of industrial property, copyrights (when not provided in accordance with rules of law or not to use the time limit stipulated by legal law);

b) Providing advice to clients in the enforcement of intellectual property rights, including:

- Require state agencies authorized assessment and conclusions of violations of the intellectual property;

- Requesting the breach terminate violations;

- Request the state agencies authorized to process violations;

c) participating in the proceedings as the representative authorized to protect the rights and interests of the customers related to Intellectual Property in the Court have jurisdiction.

5. Investment Consulting and technology transfer

Advice to customers all matters relating to investment, technology transfer and foreign, including:

- Market research, evaluate and define investment objectives, support options for investment, trade partners;

- Negotiation and support negotiations, drafting contracts on technology transfer, joint venture agreements, contracts trade, civil;

- Building research report money possible, feasible, worthwhile environmental impact, environmental;

- Consulting and customer support issues related to the business of business regulations in intellectual property law; Law scientific; Investment Law, Enterprise Law, Customs Law, Finance and Tax ; ...

- Consulting and customer support issues related to business management: Establishing a new, separation, merger, change the business registration for the business level, product code, announced the of products, ...

- Consulting and support business strategy and management to build a brand before and after registration for protection.

6. The Evaluation BRAND

Trademarks are intangible properties precious for each enterprise. The enterprise must invest a lot of work to promote building culture companies want to promote and advertise their brand. The pricing of the brand name is aimed at helping companies determine the market value of the brand name for other activities of the business. How to evaluate the brand name of a business. Dragon Lawyers can help businesses achieve it.

Our services in brand evaluation include:

- Consulting determine the value of brand business in the shares of;

- Consulting determine brand value in separating business division;

- Consulting determine the value of intellectual property rights when raising capital, business assets brand;

- Consulting determine value in the transfer of ownership or right to use the brand to other businesses;

- Define the brand name in the trademark dispute;

- Help determine the value of brand enterprises in the stock market;

- Build strategic development and brand management;

- Consulting clients to participate in brand awards


Address: 14th Floor Room 6, Block E9,  Vimeco Building -  Pham Hung Road – Trung Hoa  -  Cau Giay District – Ha Noi City

Tel: 1900 599 979


Company board of directors:
Mobile: (+84) 913.031.525


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