Six types of necessary information to be used for national credit rating

Decision No. 61/2013/QD-TTg dated October 25, 2013 of  the Prime Minister on providing information and coordinating to implement the national credit rating

Six types of necessary information used for national credit rating includes: General socio-economic information, Fiscal information, Banking and monetary information, Information on foreign economic relations, Political information, Other socio- economic information on the basis of proposal of credit rating organizations, consistent with regulations of law provision capacity of Vietnamese agencies and organizations concerned.

The provision of information and data for work of credit rating must ensure the following principles: Accuracy, completeness, updating and within the specified time limit; non-coincidence and non-overlapping, satisfaction of analysis and assessment requirements of credit rating organizations; consistency with current regulations on provision of information; consensus on rate, form, method of calculation and consistency with the data provided or publicly announced.

This Decision takes effect on December 15, 2013.