Setup Company in Vietnam

Procedures for setting up joint ventures for foreign investors . Dragon Law Firm package performance for customers all procedures and detailed advice on the benefits of our customers .

Establishment of a joint venture company – links to organizations and individuals is not something new , strange for Vietnam enterprises now . The procedure is not dissimilar to the establishment of 100% foreign capital .
Procedures for setting up joint ventures with foreign partners including :
1 . Paper proposed business registration in the standard form issued by the Business Registration competent regulation .
2 . The draft charter company .
3 . List of members , copies of the identity card , passport or other lawful personal identification of every other member .
4 . Documents certifying the legal capital of the agencies and organizations with jurisdiction over the company business lines which according to law must have legal capital .
5 . Practicing certificates of members and other individuals for the company registration of business conditions .

Time : 30 – 45 working days from the date of filing

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