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Looking at the flow of the times along with the development of the country, LawFirm.Vn was born, formed and developed to serve the longevity of the Nation and the Fatherland.

At the beginning of its formation, there were still many difficulties, but the LawFirm.Vn team vowed to devote their youth, all their intelligence, and brainpower to providing legal services to all people and businesses.




LawFirm.Vn not only helps customers in establishing businesses, establishing companies, changing business registration… but also advises and assists customers who are domestic and foreign businesses, solving problems. Legal issues arise during business operations in Vietnam.

  • Establishing a company
  • Change business registration
  • Establishment of company branch
  • Procedures for establishing a representative office
  • Establishing a business location
  • Procedures for converting business type
  • Procedures for temporary business suspension
  • Dissolution of the enterprise
  • Contract consulting
  • Consulting on corporate dispute resolution


LawFirm.Vn is proud to be one of the leading units in the field of investment consulting with a team of highly qualified, experienced and dynamic lawyers, jurists and consultants. We have been participating in consulting and negotiating with local partners…

  • Establish a company with 100% foreign capital
  • Establishing a foreign-invested enterprise
  • Adjust investment certificate
  • Establishing a representative office of a foreign company in Vietnam
  • Foreign investors contribute capital to Vietnamese companies
  • Procedures for investing abroad
    Issue licenses to foreign contractors
  • Establishment of branches of foreign traders
  • Legal advice on project operation process
  • Consulting on tax law for foreign-invested companies
  • Renewal of investment registration certificate


During business operations, there are many types of licenses that businesses need to consider such as: travel licenses, work licenses, licenses for foreign contractors… Please contact LawFirm.Vn for business Your business gets the best advice

  • Work permit
  • Social network license
  • Online game license
  • Announcement of circulation of cosmetics
  • Postal service business license
  • International travel business license
  • Visa for foreigners in Vietnam
  • Temporary residence card for foreigners
  • Procedures for granting study abroad consulting licenses
  • Food safety certificate
  • Apply for a foreign loan that is not guaranteed by the Government


To save costs and time for newly established businesses as well as small businesses that do not have accountants specializing in tax, LawFirm.Vn provides tax accounting services to support businesses with tax procedures. throughout the process of establishment and operation

  • Tax accounting consulting
  • Tax reporting service
  • Social insurance services
  • Initial tax declaration procedures
  • Full tax accounting service
  • Financial reporting services


As an intellectual property representation organization, LawFirm.Vn not only has full legal status but also has a team of highly qualified lawyers and intellectual property representatives to provide customers with professional services. Intellectual property consulting and representation services specializing in legal issues related to the field of intellectual property.
  • Registering trademark
  • Register industrial design
  • Register a patent
  • Register copyright
  • Procedures for registration of geographical indications
  • Handling trademark violations
  • Intellectual property claims
  • Franchising
  • Procedures for invalidation of Trademark Registration Certificate


LawFirm.Vn has an experienced team, knowledgeable about civil law relations, contracts, and commercial business. LawFirm.Vn is proud to provide reputable services in consulting and resolving disputes such as: civil disputes, contract disputes, land disputes, etc. In addition, LawFirm.Vn also helps customers with issues Legal issues in criminal matters and criminal proceedings in Vietnam.

  • Marriage and family
  • Land
  • Inherit
  • Dispute resolution
  • Legal advice
  • Non-litigation representation
  • Participate in the proceedings
  • Other