Sanction to administrative violation in atomic energy may be imposed at maximum level of VND 2 billion

Decree No. 107/2013/ND-CP dated September 20, 2013 of the Government regulating sanction of administrative violations in atomic energy

Accordingly, the sanction level applied to organizations committing administrative violation in atomic energy will ranges from VND 1 million to 2 billion. Specifically, a warning or fine between VND 1 million to 2 million for one of the acts that fails to notify results of personal dose assessment for radiological workers or fail to provide instruction on using personal dosimeters affixed at working place of radiological workers; a fine of between VND 16 million to 30 million and VND 1 billion to 2 billion for acts failing to make burial reports upon burying radioactive waste or acts of letting nuclear accidents happen, in case violation not to the extent of being examined for criminal liability… Individuals commit the same violation above will be imposed a fine as much as half of the above level.

For administrative violations in atomic energy happening before July 01, 2013, then detected or currently being considered and handled, provisions beneficial for infringing organizations and individuals will be applied.

Besides, depending on specific cases, infringing individuals and organizations will be imposed one or several remedial measures such as: Forcible decontamination of contaminated areas to meet National Technical Regulation on environment; forcible dismantlement of construction works, parts of construction works without license, not proper with license, or not proper with the approved design; forcible withdrawal of the granted safety examination certificate…

This Decree takes effect on November 15, 2013.