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Lawyers debt collection business: besides, the management level of employers businesses in Vietnam is not high, many businesses are not handled well by their bad loans. In addition, businesses also have the advantage not satisfactory from the credit support tools. These factors along with the state capital appropriation has increased the recovery of debts of enterprises genuine

The consequences of these problems for genuine business is doubtful debts seriously affect capital strength and business capabilities of the company to miss good opportunities of business investment. A rotation of capital is a return of capital, the capital was put into debt is a dead capital. Because the profits that it generates if irrevocable quickly to continue the turnaround will not be enough to offset the risks that money (capital) incurring daily.

Law firm Dragon has understood about economy of Vietnam  and mastered the legal procedures, as well as have experience in dealing with creditors will support you in recovery of bad debts, bad debts, through its legal services.

Conduct recommended filing lawsuits include documents, the following documents:

– Copy of ID card, household customers

– Copy of certificate of business registration (if applicable);

– A copy of the contract;

– Copy of certificate of indebtedness;

– A copy of the minutes of the closing of debts;

– A copy of the Minutes of urging debt repayment Notification requirements, the papers commitment to repay customers;

– The nature of the principal and interest on time customers sue (certified by the accounting track on debts);

– Petition.

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