Law Firms- 3 services allowed to set up e-commerce websites

On June 20, 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issues the Circular No. 12/2013/TT-BCT promulgating the regulation on notification, registration and information publication procedures related to e-commerce website.

At this Circular, the Ministry of Industry and Trade regulates that objects of registration are traders or organizations operating in trade promotion or supporting enterprise field that have the e-commerce website and it provides one of the following services: e-commerce trading-floor service; online promotion service; online auction service.

To registration dossier, beside the application for providing e-commerce service; a certified copy of decision to establish (for organizations), certificate of business registration, investment certificate or investment license (for traders); the plan providing the service and so on.  The receiving, processing registration dossiers for e-commerce service provision website are implemented online by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on e on the Management

Portal of E-commerce activities at the address  To declare dossiers, traders and organizations access registration system of electronic commerce service provision website in electronic information page and process.

Trader and organization shall have the responsibility to keep track of status of processing dossier through electronic mail or access account of system that have been provided to conduct update and edit information as required. Within 30 working days since the day of receiving the notification of editing information at step 4 as stipulated under Clause 2 of this Article, if trader and organization don’t have any feedback, the registration dossier on the system will lock, and trader and organization shall conduct the registration again.

This Circular takes effect on July 01, 2013 and replaces the Circular No. 46/2010/TT-BCT dated December 31, 2012.