Law Firm – President wants flawless officials

Vietnam Law Firm – President Truong Tan Sang told voters in the District 4 in HCM City that success in the fight against corruption, embezzlement and wastage depended on the impeccable behaviour of officials at all levels.

He said the government was planning to review the existing anti-corruption law to respond to new requirements.

“The Party and Government are well aware of the importance of anti-corruption activities. We have carried out the war against corruption for many years. Yet, successes have not been up to our expectation,” Sang said.

Many voters attending the meeting expressed their anxiety about the effectiveness of the anti-corruption law and hoped that the newly elected National Assembly deputies would do what they had promised during their election campaigns.

Nguyen Tan Quang, from ward 18, asked the National Assembly to increase its supervision activities, particularly in major economic groups, and take strong actions against corruption.

“Taking back bribery money would be a good way to increase the State budget,” Quang said.

Hoang Minh Ngoc, from ward 4, drew the attention of the president to the slow issuance of the guiding documents to turn the laws passed by the National Assembly into reality.

Ngoc complained about overlapping and contradictions in laws the people and law enforcement officers had to implement.

During the meeting, many voters expressed their anxiety about the situation in the East Sea, about territorial encroachments by foreign boats and vessels.

President Truong Tan Sang pledged to convey all the messages from the voters to the National Assembly.

He reiterated his and other deputies’ promise to do their best and live up to the voter expectations.

“The fight against corruption and inflation, stabilising the macro economy and the issuance of legal documents are the focus of the Party and Government. They have been including these in the working agenda of the National Assembly and the Government,” Sang said.

“Protecting our national sovereignty and territorial integrity over our islands is the consistent policy of the Party and Government. We’re determined to protect our national independence and territorial integrity while maintaining an environment of peace in the service of our path of industrialisation and modern-isation.”

Sang said in order to carry out these important tasks, the nation must have correct policies and strong measures to protect its territorial integrity through peaceful negotiations and in line with the international laws and practices.

Meanwhile, at another meeting with voters in the Tay Ho District of Ha Noi yesterday, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said the positive results from the 13th National Assembly’s first session were important and significant.

Trong emphasised that the implementation of many politic events, including the 11th National Party Congress, the 13th National Assembly and People’s Council elections, amidst a complicated world economical situation, had been a big success in terms of national development.

The Party leader thanked voters for their trust, saying he hoped that they would continue contributing their opinions with a view to helping the NA and its deputies do their jobs properly.

Trong agreed with opinions related to improving the quality of the legal system and supervision based on anti-corruption and waste in the long term.

Voters also called on the NA to improve construction investment, food hygiene, land use and management, the education system and advertising, amongst others.

Thanking the Party and State for its efforts in caring for its people, especially those in mountainous and remote areas, in terms of social welfare, voters emphasised the importance supporting youth unions, women’s associations and labour co-operatives.

It was hoped that NA deputies would adhere to calls for building a more transparent State machine while on matters relating to East Sea, voters urged peace, stability and development.

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