Harbors must have surveys in the usage process

 This is the requirement of the Ministry of Transport at the Circular No. 14/2013/TT-BGTVT dated July 05, 2013 promulgating navy construction’s maintenance.

 At this Circular, the Ministry of Transport regulates clearly that the survey of the navy constructions below are compulsory for wharves, ports, lighthouses, seawalls, sand walls, communications systems (radio towers) in special class and first class; the navy constructions that are subsided, cracked, tilted, or at risk of collapse.  Other parts of navy constructions that need surveying is the main bearing structure of the construction that may lead to collapse if it is damaged. The survey position, survey figures, and limits of those figures such as deformation, tilt, subsidence, crack, etc; the survey duration, number of measurement cycles and other necessary information shall be decided by the designer of the navy construction.

During the operation, the survey must be carried out in accordance with the survey plan made by the surveying contractor and approved by the person in charge of maintenance; the survey plan must specify the measurement methods, instruments, the positions of marks the implementation, the processing of measurements, and other necessary information; the surveying contractor shall send the person in charge of maintenance reports on the survey result. The survey figures must be compared to the limits imposed by the designing contractor and relevant regulations or standards and so on.

If the survey figures reach the limits in Clause 2 of this Article or considered unusual, the person in charge of maintenance shall assess the safety and take appropriate measures.

Also in accordance with this Circular, Vietnam Navy Administration shall make the plan and estimate budget for the navy construction’s maintenance, and submit them to the Ministry of Transport before June 15. The Ministry of Transport shall verify and approve the plan and budget estimate before July 15; integrate the plan and budget estimate into the annual budget estimate of the Ministry of Transport, and submit it to the Ministry of Finance before August 30.

This Circular takes effect on September 01, 2013