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Dragon LawFirm  is a professional consultant company. Dragon Law Firm professionally provides the professional consultant services in specific areas such as: Intellectual Property Consultant, Investment and Management Consultant.With the traditional thickness, Dragon Law Firm always commits to accommodate clients with the professional consultant services with the highest quality, reliability and to provide the creative, comprehensive solutions for business matters. Dragon Law Firm always have a high opinion of the closely coordination and efficiency among our specialist departments to promote completely our available strength of company human resource because of customer benefits.

Main Services

Business and Investment Consultant
- Establishing enterprises
- Consulting Law of domestic and foreign investment.
- Consulting Law of real estate, construction and environment.
- Carrying out researches and evaluating legal problems. Doing market researches and Profession researches, building up the selling and marketing strategy.
- Supporting evaluation and completing investment ideas.
- Setting up the feasible researching report, supporting to find more financial projects
- Consulting and supporting foreign cooperated business, establishing foreign-invested enterprises.
- Consulting and supporting the privatized business, re-structuring company.
- Consulting Finance, Investment and Management Business.

Intellectual Property Consultant:
- Registering merchandise trademark protection, invention right, useful solution, industry style, source of origin denomination.
- Registering all rights reserved protection, website name on internet.
- Consulting the related problems to industry property and author copyright.
- Consulting to technology conversion and lixang
- Consulting and protecting business secrecy and anti-unfair competition.
- Representing/Participating to solve the disputes, violation of industry property and author copyright.
Information Technology and Web Consultant




Address: 14th Floor Room 6, Block E9,  Vimeco Building -  Pham Hung Road – Trung Hoa Ward  -  Cau Giay District – Ha Noi City
Tel: (84)437690144/   
(84)437691691 - Fax: (84)437690142 (84)4 37690143

Company’s board of directors:
Mobile: (+84) 913.031.525


http://lawfirm.vn   (in English)

http://www.vanphongluatsu.com.vn (in vietnamese)

http://congtyluatdragon.com    ( in vietnamese)





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