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Dragon Law Firm - Law Consultant Services

Consulting the law pursuant to each case or to individuals and organizations:

- Providing optimal solutions in business activities, business management and business operation.

- Composing, investigating contracts, regulations, statues, by-laws and other documents.

- Consulting finance: policies on tax, import-export activities, consigning agencies and foreign trade activities.

- Representing in front of the law court, arbitrator in a dispute or on the behalf to negotiate to sign civil, economic, commercial or labor contracts…

- Consulting companies to establish, separate, merge, dissolve or go bankrupt (increases the funds, change members, professions, code or bar code…).

- Consulting to make domestic as well as overseas investment projects.

- Regularly providing latest law documents related to business activities.

- Composing, examining, notarizing, confirming and witnessing contracts, testaments…

- Consulting to divide assets before/ in/ after marriage or divorce period…

- Giving assistance to solve disputes in real estates, properties, marriage, labor…

- Accounting, making reports on drawing the balance-sheet.

- Making the right of land use certificates, making projects on hiring land, borrowing funds…

- Witnessing in estate, stock, asset division transactions and transferences.




Address: 14th Floor Room 6, Block E9,  Vimeco Building -  Pham Hung Road – Trung Hoa Ward  -  Cau Giay District – Ha Noi City
Tel: 1900 599 979

Company’s board of directors:
Mobile: (+84) 913.031.525


http://lawfirm.vn                (in English)

http://vanphongluatsu.com.vn   ( in Vietnamese)




Dragon Law Firm - Công ty luật Dragon - Vietnam Law Firm, Hanoi Law, Saigon Law, Lawyer Nguyen Minh Long - Hotline:0913031525 -
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