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Post on: 13/05/2014

 (Dragon Law Firm) - My husband and I are Australians working in Hanoi as teachers. We have been here for 10 months and have 2 year contracts. We are hoping to adopt a child and understand that we are able to do this after living here for a year.

Post on: 13/05/2014

 Dear lawyer Nguyen Minh Long - Hanoi Bar Association

I have a legal question to pose to you and notice you offer free online consultations.

Post on: 30/03/2014

Dear lawyers, by introducing me to good lawyer consulting business in Hanoi. Your law firm is well known in Vietnam

Post on: 03/04/2012

Dear Lawyer Nguyen Minh Long and colleagues Dragon Law Firm- the Bar Association in Ha Noi city . Through the introduction I are knows a lawyer’s office Dragon in Hanoi free consultation online, so I have a question want to ask attorney : Lam Hoang Kim worked for we do from 1/2011, don’t the labor contract and company doesn’t have of his records Lam.

Post on: 03/04/2012

Dear Dragon lawyer’s office in Ha noi - I have a question as follows: My friend redirect to go on the road, past the crosswalk line to separate the two lanes they shall be crashing into by a drunk person. The traffic police arrived at the scene make records thereon and confiscated two vehicles. My friend was injured the face and fractured two teeth. The cost for surgery and recovery teeth can be up to 10 million VND. Car of my friend seriously damaged . The other person was not injured and car is also damaged mild. The traffic police were for two parties reconciliation but without success . So, How do handle the case on according to law ? And my friend want to be compensation accident insurance, they need what to do?

Post on: 23/02/2012

Lawyer’s office Dragon at the HCM city -  www.vanphongluatsu.com.vn . The order and procedures the child adoption with foreign elements. (Foreigners permanently residing in foreign adoptions by their name in the case, Foreigner are working, studying in Vietnam during at least 1 year)

Post on: 23/01/2012

Dragon law firm - Persons the introduction of drugs is who of the drug business units on the territory of Vietnam, was be unit assigned to the task of recommending drugs for medical staff.  Dossiers and the order and procedure allocations cards of who the introduction of drug  are prescribed in Article 28, Circular No. 13/2009/TT-BYT ,dated 1-9-2009 of the Health Ministry

Post on: 23/01/2012

I’m the owner of machining facilities sewing goods backpacks, bags. I currently have about 10 workers and will recruit more people in the next time. I really want to become a independent company but I don’t understand much about their rights. should the established private enterprise or the limited liability company ? The interests , powers like ? Hopes consulting company to helping


Post on: 11/01/2012

Question for the lawyer’s office Dragon in Ha Noi. Currently our company to and scientist Prof. Dr. Pham Van Nho - The University of Natural Sciences - Hanoi National University (who has studied facemask success  antivirus , vi khuẩn, supporting flu prevention via the respiratory tract ) are collaborating to conduct producing facemask brand NANO.

Post on: 11/01/2012

The question of customer - In the working time, I closed adequate social insurance, unemployment insurance . When off work, I’m come to receive salaries and suggest get the social insurance book, but the accountants told do not need, whenever I go to work at other company, if I want closed social insurance , I’ll come to retrieve books.

Post on: 05/01/2012

Of customer questions :

My company needs:

Practice certificate design consultancy for 10 company employees

Permit the electricity operation for company

Hope DRAGON law company advising me of the for permits procedures for company

Post on: 05/01/2012

The question for lawyers :

My name’s LTT, the production of hats in the village of  XXX , I want to know the procedure if I want to open a business.

The State shall policies to support the household, business and production enterprises in the trade villages do not?

Post on: 05/01/2012

Question for Dragon consulting service lawyers : I hope to received the advice of Dragon attorney law firm

Dear lawyers, I was introduced and I was knew to the Dragon law office worked  responsibility and prestige, now that I will present and hopes lawyer will help me

Post on: 21/12/2011

Question for lawyers : Dear lawyer Nguyen Minh Long and attorney law firm colleagues dragon. I’m Tran Thi Ngoc Linh , I was at An Duong, Le Chan District, Hai Phong and I be sent to laywers to greeting respect

Post on: 01/11/2011

I want to ask about the legitimate license of a business holder. As defined by law for  conditional business, the managers must have a certificate  for the practice ; for individual business households, only one of them is required to possess  a certificate  for the practice. In the case of private enterprises, business owners do not have career-certificate but others (who had career-certificate holder and the business license holder is two different people) so is it legitimate?

Post on: 17/10/2011

Customers’ questions: I’d  like to consult the dragon lawyer’s office on one matter which I realy look forward to the earliest response of the lawyers. The case is as follow: 

Post on: 15/10/2011

Consulting services  on business license change

During operation of the business they can not avoid changes, complementary to suit the actual situation, such as: Change the members / shareholders, change the name, address, .... That means businesses will have to change the procedures for business licenses and comply with the provisions of the current business law.

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