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Decree No. 94/2012/ND-CP dated November 12, 2012 of the Government on wine production and wine trading
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Independence - Freedom - Happiness

No. 94/2012/ND-CP

Hanoi, November 12, 2012




Pursuant to the Law on Government organization dated December 25th 2001;

Pursuant to the Law on Commerce dated June 14th 2005;

Pursuant to the Law of Food safety dated June 17th2010;

At the proposal of the Minister of Industry and Trade;

The Government promulgates a Decree on wine production and wine trading,

Chapter 1.


Article 1. Scope of regulation

This Decree prescribes the production and sale of wine and drinking alcohol, including: investment, production, import, export, sale, and other activities related to the production and trading of wine and drinking alcohol.

Wine and drinking alcohol (for producing wine) are referred to as wine in this Decree.

Article 2. Subjects of application

1. This Decree is applicable to the organizations and individuals engaged in the production and trading of wine, and other activities relevant to the production and sale of wine in Vietnam’s territory.

2. Foreign traders, foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam governed by this Decree and other relevant legal documents.

Article 3. Interpretation of terms

In this Decree, the terms below are construed as follows:

1. ‘‘Wine’‘ is beverages that contain drinking alcohol. Wine is produced through the process of fermentation (distilled or not distilled) from the starch of cereals, sugar from plants and fruits, or from drinking alcohol (Ethanol)

2. ‘‘Drinking alcohol’‘ is an organic compound with molecular formula C2H5OH, and named Ethanol according to IUPAC, that meets the standards of food safety and hygiene.

3. ‘‘Small-scale production of wine’‘ is the production of wine using traditional instruments such as copper boilers, pipers, freezers… at a small scale, carried out by households, organizations, or individuals.

4. ‘‘Mass production of wine’‘ is the production of wine using industrial equipment and lines of machinery.

5. ‘‘Medicinal wine’‘ is the wine that ages together with ingredients derived from animals and/or plants and/or minerals for medical treatment and supporting the body functions, and enhancing human health.

6. ‘‘Semi-finished wine’‘ is the unfinished wine that needs to go through some more processes, such as filtration, preparation, bottling, labeling, etc. to become finished wine.

7. ‘‘Wine distribution’‘ is purchasing wine from the wine producers or wine importers and sell it to wine wholesalers... 

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