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Directive No. 25/CT-TTg dated September 26, 2012 of the Prime Minister on the enhancement of price stabilization and management in the last months of 2012
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No. 25/CT-TTg

Hanoi, September 26, 2012




Right at the beginning of 2012, Ministries, sectors and localities have actively, strenuously and effectively implement the Resolutions of the Party, the National Assembly, and the Government on the implementation of the Plan for socio-economic development and State budget estimate in 2012, including the price stabilization and management which contribute in the initial change of the economy: the GDP growth of the latter quarter is higher than that of the former; the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) has positively changed; the index of dead stock is declining; the inflation is suppressed at a low rate (the consumption price index in August 2012 increases by 2.68% compared to December 2011).

However, the CPI in September have shot up by 2.2%. The increase of CPO in September is on account of the implementation of the Government’s Resolution on increasing medical examination and treatment service prices, tuition, and managing fuel prices through the market mechanism. Some localities have adjusted the prices of clean water, public buses which are subsidized by the State. Moreover, the epidemics, natural disasters, as well as the exploitation of the price adjustment policy of the State to increase goods and service prices all so affect the market price in September. Such situation signifies a complicated fluctuation of CPI in the last months, and the accomplishment of the objective for inflation control in 2012 would be difficult.

For the purposes of controlling inflation and stabilizing the macro-economy set by the National Assembly, the Prime Minister requests the Ministers, Heads of ministerial-level agencies, Heads of Governmental agencies, the Presidents of People’s Committees of central-affiliated cities and provinces, depending on the delegated authority and duties, continue to comprehensively and efficiently implement the carry out the duties and implement the solutions stated in the Government’s Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP dated January 03, 2012 on the primary solutions for directing the implementation of the Plan for socio-economic development and the State budget estimate in 2012; No. 13/NQ-CP dated May 10, 2012 on some solutions for resolving the difficulties for the production, business and supporting the market; the Resolutions in regular meetings of the Government, and the guiding documents of the Prime Minister. Some objectives and solutions for managing and stabilizing prices in the last months of 2012 must be immediately carried out as follows:

1. Ministries and People’s Committees of central-affiliated cities and provinces:

a) Intensify the inspection and supervision of the adherence to the provisions on price, tax, and fee management applicable to the commodity priced by the State, the commodities for price stabilization, the essential commodities serving the production and life. The first thing to do is to tightly control the prices of essential goods and services such as: health, education, clean water, transportation, milk, medicines, veterinary medicines, pesticides, fertilizers... and feedstock. Strictly and thoroughly prevent trade frauds, price transfer, import price frauds, and smuggling, especially petrol and oil, cigarettes, and minerals.  The acts of violations must be strictly handled as prescribed by law...

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